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Transmute Pro and Transmute Plus can both be downloaded for evaluations purposes and will run in Demo mode until a license is purchased.

Primary Roles Convert Sync Sync, Manage
Supports All Major Formats
Easy to Use
Automatic Backups
Supports Online Services
Synchronization Profiles
Duplicate Removal
Dead Link Removal
Command Line Support
Collection Explorer
Management Tools
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Latest Version Details

Transmute Pro v2.50
Size: 3.94 MB (4,130,040 bytes) SHA-1: BDEF667587C5386EA83A2F93985F10BD9C594F12

Transmute Pro (Portable) v2.50
Size: 2.17 MB (2,277,382 bytes) SHA-1: 711429BCC2347DF2FBB49D3327E1DAB93D2416B1

Transmute Plus v2.50
Size: 3.25 MB (3,401,969 bytes) SHA-1: 861AA15B9F213ED4BC5CF839C0ED857B11E4B3B3

Transmute Plus (Portable) v2.50
Size: 1.82 MB (1,912,482 bytes) SHA-1: 7D183C4DCD1E240BCFF83B98E2A34024DEC69E45

Transmute Standard v2.50
Size: 2.39 MB (2,508,297 bytes) SHA-1: 3A746F1546856B75EFE1FE0F889A2730C63C6AAF

Transmute Standard (Portable) v2.50
Size: 1.39 MB (1,461,449 bytes) SHA-1: 578A14A0FBBAD9F35D401A62C325B9A9060531A6

Language Files

Transmute comes with translations already included. However, you can also download the latest translations here separately. To install a language file, extract the .resources file from the zip archive to the Transmute application directory.

Chinese (Simplified)2.201002091.0Feb 22, 2010Xu WenqiangDownload
Chinese (Traditional)2.201002091.0Mar 17, 2010GordonDownload
Czech2.8Aug 14, 2010OldbrowserDownload
Dutch2.8Aug 4, 2010AdriaanDownload
French2.8Aug 14, 2010Gérard KohutDownload
German2.6Feb 9, 2010Markus M. J. Büttgenbach, AndréDownload
Italian2.8Aug 4, 2010bovirusDownload
Japanese2.201002091.0June 17, 2010ATCH!FactoryDownload
Korean2.4Oct 6, 2009JHDownload
Polish2.2Jul 1, 2009Marcin WolkuDownload
Russian2.2Jun 6, 2009San SanyshDownload
Spanish2.4Oct 21, 2009GuilleDownload
Swedish2.201002091.0Apr 5, 2010Göran MalmbergDownload

More translations are always welcomed and appreciated.
To translate Transmute to another language please download the Translation Package v2.8 from here. Instructions are included. Thank you for your contributions.


Transmute requires Windows 98 or higher, and will run on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. To run Transmute on Windows you are required to have the Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 SP1 or higher. This framework is already included with Windows 7 and higher.

Contribute a Translation

To translate Transmute to another language please download the Translation Package v2.8 from here. Instructions are included. Thank you for your contributions.

Installable vs Portable Packages

All editions of Transmute are provided in both Installable and Portable packages. Those who buy a license for a product can freely move between both packages according to their needs. If in doubt just download the Installable package.

An Installable package is the typical way in which software is provided. The software is installed by a setup program and can then be uninstalled through the Windows Control Panel.

A Portable package is provided as a convenience for users who want to utilize Transmute from a USB Drive. The software can be unzipped and then run. When running in Portable mode Transmute stores its setting to the application directory to avoid altering the host PC. The Portable package is not a substitute for buying the proper quantity of licenses, such as in a network environment.