Transmute Pro | FAQ

What web browser bookmark formats are supported by Transmute Pro?

Transmute Pro supports Chrome, Chromium, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Firefox JSON Backup, Internet Explorer, Konqueror, Opera, Pale Moon, Safari, SeaMonkey and XBEL.

What platforms does Transmute Pro support?

Transmute Pro runs on Windows using the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Will Transmute work in my preferred language?

In additional to being fully Unicode compliant, Transmute supports multiple cultures. If Transmute is not available in your language you can use the Translation Package to make a new language file and share it with others.

These resources are available now on the Transmute download page.

Can Transmute Pro change the order of Microsoft Edge bookmarks/favorites?

Yes. To reorder Microsoft Edge bookmarks in Transmute Pro first right click on the listview header and from the context menu change the Arrange method to Unsorted. This will show the bookmarks in their natural imported order. Next select and right click on the bookmarks and from the context menu choose to Reorder the items up or down.

Why isn't Maxthon supported?

Maxthon bookmarks are encrypted. As a workaround you can always export your bookmarks from inside of Maxthon and then use Transmute to transfer them elsewhere if you need to work with a format that only Transmute handles.

Where can I find my bookmarks file for Firefox Portable?

It is impossible for Transmute to automatically detect the location. However, in Firefox 3 Portable Edition the path will usually be something like "\FirefoxPortable\Data\profile\places.sqlite".

What is Demo mode?

Transmute Pro will function in a trial capacity until a license is purchased. During this time changes made to bookmark collections will not be saved.